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Year 6 - Boy87 Visit

Across Bradford, all of the Year 6 pupils have been reading a shared text - Boy 87 written by Ele Fountain.  Here is a short synopsis of the book:


Fourteen-year-old Shif and his best friend Bini are ordinary boys with big ambitions, but their world implodes when they attract the attention of the military "giffa". Wrenched from their families, they're sent to a remote desert prison, where their cellmates are barely clinging on to life.


This collective approach is to give all of the children across the district a shared experience, and a book that they can all talk about no matter which secondary school they attend.


To celebrate this coming together of all of the schools in Bradford, the team behind the approach organised a district-wide event, inviting all of the Year 6 children and their teachers to Bradford City football ground, where they enjoyed music, entertainment and a presentation by the author herself!